Update | March 15, 2017

The Penny Skelton show has a one hour special on the issues about the new Collingwood Hospital.

It’s also available on this here.

The first half hour consists of an interview with three men representing the Hospital Board: Paul Darby, Bud Christiansen, and Jeffery Shearer. The second half hour consists of interviews with Karina Dahlin and John Sewell of

What is surprising is the extent to which those representing the hospital board claim the town council is the `road-block’ to the approval of a new hospital on the Poplar Sideroad. They admit that the current land-use designation of that site does not permit a hospital, and admit that the Hospital Board has yet to submit an application to change the planning designation. They seem to be blaming the town for not approving an application that the Board itself has not made.

Further, they say that the town’s consultant – the reference is to the Deloitte consulting firm – said the Poplar Sideroad location was a reasonable site; but in fact the Deloitte report said the Board had not made a fair comparison of the existing site and Poplar Sideroad, and that it had not included a number of serious costs of the Poplar site, so  the comparison was not fair.

It seems to us as though the Hospital Board is acting very unprofessionally in refusing to meet with the town to see how differences can be resolved.

Karina and John make the argument that the existing site is the preferable location for a new hospital – less costly and planning approvals are already in place so there’s no delay.

But see for yourself: watch the show.